This is the WIKISPACE of St Albans East Primary School.
Teachers should create pages for their classes and allow their students to participate in new pages or discussions.
During 2010 and 2011 the BER project saw the removal of our old building 3 and the creation of our new building 3 which now houses grades 5&6, Prep room 17, Multimedia and Library. This is an exciting time for the school as we also increased our Tiger Turf sport amenities.

NEWS - The school moved into the new building 3 in term 4 2011. The building incorporating a new library/Multimedia centre as well as classrooms and teacher office space was built with the old building being demolished. The building required changes to the Lester street carpark. The Curriculum Server room was relocated permanently to the Boiler room in building 2 (decommisioning the unused boiler and removing it). The new building has its own server room for the Edustar Wireless system and the climate control system. •—• for making a voice threads
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